About Us

About Us 

In 1940, Mr. Sokrati Karacaoglu, a Greek-origin entrepreneur, founded 'Selale Kimya ' (" means waterfall in Turkish"), the first company to produce deionized/demineralized water via distillation.

In 1980, Chemical Engineer Cengiz Tuncel took over Selale Kimya, and Selale started to produce Silver Nitrate, Lead Nitrate, Toilet Blocks, and Car Air Fresheners for the first time in Turkey, together with Water and Solvent Distillation.                                               

He established Ataman Kimya in 2006 for Chemicals Distributing, trading, and import & export operations.

In 2020, the company was renamed ATAMAN Kimya A.S (INC.)

The new generation has been managing ATAMAN since 2009 and Selale Kimya is still actively producing industrial demineralized water via new processes.

ATAMAN Kimya commits itself to supplying any chemical raw materials that customers may need.

Our company offers chemical raw materials to the following industries :

• Agriculture 
• Antifreeze
• Battery
• Cleaning 
• Coatings
• Construction Chemicals
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Cosmetics
• Crop Protection 
• Detergents 
• Disinfectants
• Drilling 
• Electrode / Flux
• Feed Additives  
• Flame retardants
• Flavor
• Food Additives
• Fragrance
• General Industries
• Glass / Ceramics
• Inks
• Metal Surface Treatment
• Metalworking Fluids
• Mining / Flotation
• Oil and Lubricants
• Oilfield / Petroleum
• Paints
• Paper Chemicals
• Pharma
• Pigments and Waxes
• Plastics
• Polymerization
• Resins
• Rubber
• Textile and Leather Chemicals
• Water treatment


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