CAS Number: 94667-33-1
EC Number: 619-057-3
Molecular formula: C29H62NO4 . C3H5O2

Dodigen 3519 is a quaternary ammonium compound for the manufacture of disinfectants.

Composition of Dodigen 3519:
Didecyl methylalkoxi ammonium propionate

Product properties of Dodigen 3519:

Active content:
about 68-72 %

Water content (DIN 51777):
max. 5 %

Appearance at 20 °C:
clear, liquid

pH (DIN 53996), 1 % active in water:
6.0 – 7.5

Solubility at 20 °C in water:

Density (DIN 51757) at 20 °C:
0.96 g/cm3

Iodine colour number:
max. 6

Pour point (DIN/ISO 3016):
< -15 °C

Flash point (DIN 51758):
> 100 °C

Applications of Dodigen 3519:
Raw material for disinfectants, mainly for instrumental disinfection

Identification of Dodigen 3519:
Trade name:

Uses of Dodigen 3519:

Industry sector: 
Industrial Performance Chemicals

Type of use: 
Raw material for disinfectants.

Chemical Name: 
Dodigen 3519 cas 94667-33-1

Dodigen 3519 cas 94667-33-1


Dodigen 3519 is a quaternary ammonium compound for the manufacture of disinfectants.

94667-33-1, 619-057-3, Didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)ammonium propionate, Lonzagard ID-50, Bardap 26, Dodigen, DMPAP, CB510627904, C29H62NO4, Trialkylethoxyammoniumpropionate

First aid measures of Dodigen 3519:
General information:
Remove soiled or soaked clothing immediately.

After inhalation:
When inhaled remove to fresh air and seek medical aid. 

After contact with skin:
In case of contact with skin wash off immediately with soap and water.

After contact with eyes:
In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

After ingestion:
When swallowed seek medical aid immediately and show the physician the packaging or the label of the packaging. 
Do not induce vomiting. 

Fire-fighting measures of Dodigen 3519:
Suitable extinguishing media:
-water spray jet 
-alcohol-resistant foam 
-carbon dioxide 
-dry powder 

Special hazards from the substance itself, its combustion products or from its vapours: 
In case of fires, hazardous combustion gases are formed: 
-Carbon monoxide (CO) 
-Nitrous gases (NOx) 

Special protective equipment for firefighting:
Use self-contained breathing apparatus.

Accidental release measures of Dodigen 3519:
Personal precautions: 
Wear suitable personal protective equipment. 

Environmental precautions: 
Do not allow to enter drains or waterways.

Methods for cleaning up/taking up: 
Pick up with absorbent material (eg sand, sawdust). 
Rinse away rest with water. 

Handling and storage of Dodigen 3519:
Advice on safe handling: 
Open and handle container with care. 

Further information on storage conditions: 
Protect from heat and direct sunlight. 

Didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)-ammonium propionate
Didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)Ammonium Propionate
Didecyl methyl polyoxyethyl ammonium propionate
Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),R-[2-(didecylmethylammonio) ethyl]-?-hydroxy-,propanoate (salt) CAS: 94667-33-1 
N,N-didecyl-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-methylammonium propionate
didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)ammonium propionate (BARDAP 26)
idecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)ammonium propionate
didecyl-methyl-poly(oxoethyl)- ammonium propionate
Didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)ammonium propionate
Lonzagard ID-50
Bardap 26
Dodigen 3519
Didecylmethylpoly(oxyethyl)ammonium Propionate
Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),R-[2-(didecylmethylammonio) ethyl]-ö-hydroxy-,propanoate

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