Molecular Formula: C45H86O6
Molecular Weight: 723.17
CAS Registry Number: 555-45-3
EINECS: 209-099-7

DYNASAN 114 acts as a consistency agent for water-free, oil-based products and emulsions. 
DYNASAN 114 is triester of glycerin and myristic acid. 

DYNASAN 114 is 100 % natural and vegan. 
DYNASAN 114 is used as adjuvant in stick formulations and as crystallization accelerators & seeding agents to improve the solidification process. 

Furthermore, DYNASAN 114 finds application in cake/pressed powders as binders and in creams & lotions as body-imparting and structure-forming components. 
DYNASAN 114 is used in color cosmetics, self-tanning formulas and skin-, baby-, body-, hair-, beard- and sun care products. 

DYNASAN 114 has a shelf life of 24 months. 
DYNASAN 114 is Ecocert and Cosmos approved.

Description of DYNASAN 114:
DYNASAN 114 is a high melting point lipid for use in modified/sustained release in oral solid dosage matrices. 
DYNASAN 114 is used in implants, hot melt extrusion, hot melt coating, solid lipid nanoparticles.

Additional Information about DYNASAN 114:
Composition: 100 % Glycerol Triester of only myristic acid
Dosage Form: implants
Function: hot melt coating, SLN, Taste masking
Synonym: Trimyristin
Technical Name: Glycerol Trimyristate

Properties of DYNASAN 114:
Solubility: Insuluble (1.0E-8 g/L) (25 ºC), Calc.*
Density: 0.924±0.06 g/cm3 (20 ºC 760 Torr), Calc.*
Melting point: 56-56.5 ºC**

DYNASAN 114 is a a triglyceride of the selected saturated single fatty acid C14 and glycerol. 
Fatty acid and glycerol is based on vegetable sources. 
DYNASAN 114 is free from antioxidants and other stabilizers. 

DYNASAN 114 is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an adjuvant in tablets acting as a lubricant and showing a very low disintegration influence (see table down below).

Base / Lubricant / Concentration (%) / Pressure (mPa.s) / Disintegration (sec.):
Lactose / Mg-stearate / 0.25 / 195 / 600
Lactose / Sterotex / 4 / 221 / 250
Lactose / Precirol / 2 / 211 / 210
Lactose / DYNASAN 114 / 1 / 206 / 106

DYNASAN 114 can also be used in suppositories, ovules and pharmaceutical sticks as crystallisation accelerators and seeding agents to improve the solidification process.
In ointments, creams and lotions DYNASAN 114 can be taken as body imparting and structure forming component.

Tests / Values / Typical Values / Units / Methods:
Acid value / max. 3 / 0.2 / Ph. Eur. 2.5.1 / Ph. Eur. 2.5.1
Melting range / 55 – 60 / 58 / Ph. Eur. 2.2.34 / Ph. Eur. 2.2.34
Saponification value / 229 – 238 / 232 / Ph. Eur. 2.5.6 / Ph. Eur. 2.5.6
Hydroxyl value / max. 10 / 3 / Ph. Eur. 2.5.3 / Ph. Eur. 2.5.3 

If DYNASAN 114 is rapidly cooled after melting, a glassy, amorphous mass is initially formed. 
Upon standing DYNASAN 114 changes into crystalline modifications, exhibiting a volume expansion. 
The stable ß-modification has a very sharp melting point and is of triclinic structure.

Description of DYNASAN 114:
DYNASAN 114 is used in the cosmetic industries as adjuvants in stick formulations as crystallization accelerators and seeding agents to improve the solidification process. 
Further DYNASAN 114 can be used in creams and lotions as body-imparting and structure-forming components. 
DYNASAN 114 is suggested for use in facial creme, body lotion, sun care, foundations, eye care and lip sticks.

Chemical Properties of DYNASAN 114:
Chemical Composition: Trimyristin

Product identifier:
Product form : Substance
Trade name : DYNASAN 114
Chemical name : Glycerol trimyristate
EC-No. : 209-099-7
CAS-No. : 555-45-3
REACH registration No : 01-2120754354-54-0000

Chemical Name:

Tetradecanoic Acid 1,1',1''-(1,2,3-propanetriyl) Ester; Dynasan 114; Glycerin Trimyristate; Glycerol Trimyristate; Glyceryl Trimyristate; Glyceryl Tritetradecanoate; Myristic Acid Triglyceride; Myristic Triglyceride; NSC 4062; Triglyceride MMM; Trimyristin; Trimyristoylglycerol; Tritetradecanoin; VP 114;

CAS Number: 555-45-3
Molecular Formula: C45H86O6
Molecular Weight: 723.16

-Enzyme Activators and Inhibitors
-Lipids/Fatty Acids, Glycerol Derivatives
-Environmental Standards, Mutagens and Metabolites

Applications of DYNASAN 114:
DYNASAN 114, is the triglyceride of myristic acid, which is found naturally in many vegetable fats and oils. 
DYNASAN 114 can be used for the preparation of Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) composed of trimyristin (solid lipid) and poloxamer 407 (surfactant).

Solubility of DYNASAN 114:
DYNASAN 114 is slightly soluble in n-hexane and diethyl ether and has a very low solubility in ethanol. 

If stored longterm in original tightly closed containers, dry, protected from light and moisture and below 25°C, the shelf life then is at least two years.

Properties and application of DYNASAN 114:
-A high melting point lipid for use in modified/sustained release in oral solid dosage matrices. 
-Effective lubricant for tablets/capsules.

Description of first aid measures of DYNASAN 114:
First-aid measures general: 
In all cases of doubt, or when symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

First-aid measures after inhalation: 
Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing.

First-aid measures after skin contact: 
Wash skin with plenty of water.

First-aid measures after eye contact: 
Rinse eyes with water as a precaution.

First-aid measures after ingestion: 
Call a poison center or a doctor if you feel unwell. 

Extinguishing media:
-Suitable extinguishing media: 
-Water spray. 
-Dry powder. 
-Use extinguishing media appropriate for surrounding fire.

Unsuitable extinguishing media: 
Strong water jet. 

Precautions for safe handling of DYNASAN 114:
Additional hazards when processed: 
Dust could form explosive mixtures with air.

Precautions for safe handling: 
Ensure good ventilation of the work station. 
Wear personal protective equipment.

Hygiene measures: 
Do not eat, drink or smoke when using DYNASAN 114. 
Always wash hands after handling the product.

Information on basic physical and chemical properties of DYNASAN 114:
Physical state : Solid
Appearance : Flakes.
Colour : white.
Odour : Neutral.
Odour threshold : No data available
pH : No data available
Relative evaporation rate (butylacetate=1) : No data available
Melting point : 57.7 °C (1013 hPa)
Freezing point : Not applicable
Boiling point : ≈ 394 °C (1014 mBar)
Flash point : Not applicable
Auto-ignition temperature : No data available
Decomposition temperature : No data available
Flammability (solid, gas) : Not flammable
Vapour pressure : No data available
Vapour pressure at 50 °C : <= 0.066 Pa (QSAR)
Relative vapour density at 20 °C : No data available
Relative density : No data available
Density : 0.885 g/cm³ (60 °C)
Solubility : Water: < 1.63 μg/l practically insoluble
Log Pow : No data available
Viscosity, kinematic : Not applicable 


Dynasan 114
Glycerin trimyristate
Glycerol trimyristate
Glyceryl trimyristate
Glyceryl tritetradecanoate
Myristic acid triglyceride
Myristic triglyceride
NSC 4062
Triglyceride MMM
VP 114

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