Identification of Emulsogen EPN 207 and company:
Trade name:
Emulsogen EPN 207

Use of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Industry sector : 
Industrial Performance Chemicals

Type of use : 
Emulsifier for emulsion polymerisation

Composition/information on ingredients of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Chemical characterization:
Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether

Hazardous ingredients of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether 16 - 20 EO
Concentration : 70 %
Hazard symbols Xn
R phrases 22 

Hazards identification of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Emulsogen EPN 207 is harmful if swallowed.
Risk of serious damage to eyes.

First aid measures of Emulsogen EPN 207:
General information about Emulsogen EPN 207:
Remove soiled or soaked clothing immediately.

After contact with skin:
In case of contact with skin wash off immediately with soap and water.

After contact with eyes:
In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Fire-fighting measures of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Suitable extinguishing media:
-water spray jet
-alcohol-resistant foam
-carbon dioxide
-dry powder

Special hazards from Emulsogen EPN 207 itself, its combustion products or from its vapours:
In case of fires, hazardous combustion gases are formed: Carbon monoxide (CO)

Special protective equipment for firefighting:
Use self-contained breathing apparatus

After ingestion:
Summon a doctor immediately.

Accidental release measures of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Personal precautions:
Use respiratory protection if exposed to vapours/dust/aerosols.
Wear suitable personal protective equipment.

Environmental precautions:
Do not allow to enter drains or waterways

Methods for cleaning up/taking up:
Pick up with absorbent material (eg sand, sawdust). 
Rinse away rest with water

Handling and storage of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Advice on safe handling:
Open and handle container with care.

Further information on storage conditions:
Sensitive to frost.
In case of the product becoming opaque, thickening or being frozen due to the effects of cold, allow to thaw slowly at room temperature. 
Stir briefly before use.

Emulsogen EPN 207 is a preservative-free, low-VOC, APEO-free, non-ionic emulsifier.

Emulsogen TS, Emulsogen TS 200, Emulsogen EPN, Emulsogen EPN 118, Emulsogen EPN 217, Emulsogen EPN 287, Emulsogen EPN 403, Emulsogen EPN 407, Emulsogen LCN, Emulsogen X

Exposure controls/personal protection of Emulsogen EPN 207:
General protective measures:
Avoid contact with eyes and skin

Hand protection : 
Suitable protective gloves

Eye protection : 
safety glasses

Physical and chemical properties of Emulsogen EPN 207:
Form : Liquid
Colour : almost colourless
Odour : slight, original odour
Crystallization temperature : 10 - 15 °C
Method : DIN/ISO 3016
Boiling point : approx. 100 °C
Flash point : Not applicable
Ignition temperature : Not applicable
Self-ignition temperature : Not applicable
Lower explosion limit : Not applicable
Upper explosion limit : Not applicable
Vapour pressure : not determined
Density : 1,07 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Method : DIN 51757
Solubility in water : (20 °C)
soluble, clear
pH value : approx. 7 (20 °C, 10 g/l)
Octanol/water partition
coefficient (log Pow) :
Not applicable
Viscosity (dynamic) : approx. 400 mPa.s (25 °C)
Method : DIN 53015

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