Emulsogen EPN 287
Emulsogen EPN 287 is used as nonionic emulsifier for the emulsion polymerization of monomers like acrylates, styrene-acrylates, styrene-butadiene and vinyl acetate. 
Emulsogen EPN 287 by Clariant is an APEO-free, low VOC (less than 1%) oxoalcohol polyethylene glycol ether with 28 mole ethylene oxide (fatty alcohol polyglycol ether). 
Acts as a wetting- and dispersing agent. This clear, colorless liquid is inherently biodegradable and soluble in water. 

Emulsogen EPN 287 is suitable for label-free pigment preparations, paints and coatings complying with 21 C.F.R US FDA regulations. It is listed in AICS, EINECS, DSL, ENCS, IECSC, KECI, NECI, NZloC, PICCS and TSCA.

Emulsogen EPN 287 is used in polymerization of vinyl acetate together with other vinyl esters, acrylates, vinyl chloride and ethylene, for acrylic and styrene/acrylic dispersions and for butadiene / styrene latex.

The use of Emulsogen EPN 287 reduces coagulation and improves electrolyte resistance and freeze/thaw stability. Emulsogen EPN 287 is added either during or after polymerization.

Storage and Shelf Life: Please keep the product in a dry and clean place. Emulsogen EPN 287 tends to form a gel phase and separates below 15°C. 
After heating to 30 – 60°C the precipitates dissolve again. Please mix well and homogenize the product before use. The shelf life is at least two years when stored in tightly closed containers at
20-25°C in a clean and aerated place. After this period the product should be analyzed for extension of the shelf life.
Preservation : No preservative is added.
Safety : Please see Material Safety Data Sheet before handling the material.

The use of Emulsogen EPN 287 offers the following advantages:

Product properties:

low VOC
free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)
hazard label free
easy to handle
FDA approved

Performance in emulsion polymerization:

reduces coagulation
maintains low viscosity of polymer emulsion at different shear rates
enhanced electrolyte stability
improved shelf life (high freeze thaw stability)

Emulsogen EPN 287
Product group:     Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether
Active content:    70%
Appearance:    clear, colorless liquid
pH value:    6 - 8 
Solubility:    soluble in water
Density:    approx. 1.08 g/cm3 
Viscosity:    approx. 700 mPas 
Crystallisation temperature:     approx. 15 °C
Flash point:    > 100 °C
HLB value:    17.5

Nonionic emulsifier for emulsion polymerization
Composition Oxoalcohol polyethylene glycol ether with 28 mole ethylene oxide
Product properties 
Active substance content: About 70%
Appearance at 20 °C: Clear, colourless liquid
pH value (DIN EN 1262), 1% in water: 6.0- 8.0
Solubility at 20 °C: Soluble in water
HLB value: About 17,5
Viscosity (DIN 53019) at 25 °C:About 700 mPa*s
Density (DIN 51757) At 20°C: approx. 1.08 g/cm³
At 50°C: approx. 1.06 g/cm³
Crystallization temperature: About 15°C
Flash point (DIN/ISO 2592): > 100 °C
Naturally derived carbon : content None

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