Genagen CAB = Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Amphoteric surfactant for the cosmetic industry

Chemical characterization: Alkyl amido propyl betaine
CAS number : 70851-07-9
EINECS number : 274-923-4

Alkyl amidopropyl betaine, C12-18
INCI name: Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Product properties *)
Appearance (20 °C) clear liquid
Hazen colour number max. 200
pH-value (5 % tel quel in water) 4.0 – 5.0
Active substance 29.0 – 31.0 %
NaCl content max. 6.0 %
Cocosamido amine max. 0.5 %
Sodium monochloracetate max. 20 ppm

Genagen CAB is produced by reaction of coconut fatty acid with N,N dimethylamino propylamine and reaction of this coconut fatty acid amide with mono chloro acetic acid

Genagen CAB has good foaming properties and shows outstanding thickening action in combination with Ethersulphates like Genapol LRO and salt. 
However, Genagen CAB is one of the mildest Co-Surfactants used for personal care applications. 
The mildness of formulations on the basis of Ethersulphates like Genapol LRO are greatly improved. 
Due to this properties Genagen CAB can be used in all mild skin or hair cleansing formulations like face cleaning gels, shower gels, shampoos, foam baths or liquid soaps in amounts of 2 to 10 %.

Being an amphoteric surfactant, Genagen CAB shows high compatibility to anionic, cationic or nonionic substances.
The properties of Genagen CAB are not affected by hard water.

Viscosity behaviour
The viscosity of aqueous solutions of Ethersulphates like Genapol LRO can be improved easily over a broad area by mixing with different amounts of Genagen CAB and salt. 
This thickening effect is one of the most comfortable ways to finish the formulation.

Foaming behaviour
In comparison to other mild Co-Surfactants Genagen CAB shows good foaming capacity.
If a formulation has to show even higher foaming action the combination with Genaminox CSL is recommended.
Genaminox CSL increases the foam volume and also leads to an improvement in foam structure, often desired in commercial practice, i.e. a finebubbled, creamy foam is obtained.

Genagen CAB is stable for at least three years at room temperature in its original containers.

Amphoteric emulgator for the manufacture of bitumen emulsions

Genagen CAB is highly suitable for the manufacture of cationic or anionic bitumen emulsions

Typical formulation for a 60 % cationactive bitumen emulsion based on Genagen CAB 

Bitumen* B 200 or B 80 60,0 %
Genagen CAB 4,5 %
Hydrochloric acid conc. 1,0 %
Water 34,5 %

Typical formulation for a 60 % anionactive bitumen emulsion based on Genagen CAB
Bitumen* B 200 or B 80 60,0 %
Genagen CAB 4,5 %
Sodium hydroxide solution 50 % 0,1 %
Water 35,4 %

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