Cas: 9003-11-6, Genapol PF 80 P, NONIONIC EMULSIFIER FOR EMULSION POLYMERIZATION. Genapol PF 80  is used as nonionic emulsifier for the emulsion polymerization of monomers like acrylates, 
styrene-acrylates and vinyl acetate. Genapol PF 80 is a pore-forming dispersant and plasticizer for plasters, mortars and putties based on cement, lime or gypsum

The use of Genapol PF 080 offers the following advantages:

Product properties:

low VOC
free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)
readily biodegradable
hazard label free
FDA approved

Performance in emulsion polymerization:

maintains low viscosity of polymer emulsion at different shear rates
enhanced electrolyte stability
improved shelf life (high freeze thaw stability)
similar polymerization results to APEOs

Product group:     EO/PO block copolymer
Active content:    100%
Appearance:    white wax
pH value:    7 
Solubility:    1% in water: clear solution
Viscosity:    approx. 900 - 1500 mPas 
Melting point:    approx. 58 °C
Flash point:    > 250 °C
HLB value:    approx. 16

Block copolymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, containing 80% w/w ethylene oxide
Product properties *)
Molecular weight [g/mol]: approx. 8000
Concentration [%]: approx. 100
Appearance at 20°C: white wax / pellet or powder
Ionicity: nonionic
Viscosity of the molten product at 70°C [mPas]: 900 - 1500
pH value (1% aqueous solution): about 7.0
Solubility at 20°C
1% in water: clear solution
10% in mineral oil: cloudy solution
10% in xylene: cloudy solution
Melting point [°C]: approx. 58°C
Flash point [°C]: > 250°C
Cloud point (1g in 100 ml 10% NaCl solution) [°C]: approx. 70
HLB value: approx. 16

Composition and properties

Polymerization product of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide appearance - white powder
charge - non-ionic
reaction - almost neutral

resistance to water hardness - very good
alkali - good
acids - good
electrolytes - good

Genapol PF 80 (fine powder)
particle size> 500 µm - max ... 20% 
particle size> 800 µm - max. 0.8%

Genapol PF 80 P (powder)
particle size <200 µm - max. 25% 
particle size 200 - 400 µm - 35 - 55% 
particle size 400 - 630 µm - 25 - 45%
particle size> 630 µm - max. fifteen %


0.01-0.05 wt% for dry construction mixture.

Application area

Genapol PF 80 is a pore-forming dispersant and plasticizer for plasters, mortars and putties based on cement, lime or gypsum. Genapol PF 80 improves the processability, softness and surface smoothness of building materials. Dispersion of fine particles of mineral binders and pigments is ensured and the stickiness of plasters and solutions containing methylcellulose on the instrument is reduced.
With Genapol PF 80, lump formation in gypsum plasters is reduced and the processing time is significantly extended. Genapol PF 80 is compatible with all anionic and nonionic surfactants as well as Mecellose methylcelluloses. The formation of air pores with Genapol PF 80 depends on the composition of the respective building mixtures and the time and intensity of mixing.

Genapol PF 80 can be used in combination with othernonionic, anionic and cationic surfactants. Genapol PF 80 is resistant to water hardness, metal salts and to acids and alkalis in the concentrations normally used. Preliminary tests are required.

Genapol PF 80 has a good wetting and dispersing action coupled with a low foaming tendency.
Genapol PF is used as a low-foaming surfactant with very good dispersing action in detergent and cleaning agent powders. These can be produced simply by mixing the powder components.
Genapol PF 80 is also used as a low-foaming emulsifier in emulsion polymerization and as a dispersing agent for pigment pastes and preparations.
Other applications include reactions in the chemicalindustry.

Genapol PF 80 can be stored for at least to 2 years in original sealed containers at room temperature under the recommended conditions.
Genapol PF 80 undergoes no change whatever in product properties when exposed to cold during transport and storage.

Genapol PF 80 is supplied also in the form of very fine beads. It is an appropriate choice for powder-type detergents and cleaners if surfactants cannot be sprayed on in liquid or paste from. It is easy to blend with other powders, and it has the added advantage of preventing dusting.
It can be used to disperse suspended calcium and magnesium salts, and to remove and disperse soil in acid pickling baths. Because it is nonionic, it can be used for cleaning metal electrolytically.
It can also be employed to solubilise essential oils and to emulsify monomers

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