Genapol T 800 P

Genapol T 800 P
Nonionic surfactants for chemical-technical industry

Genapol T 800 P is a fatty alcohol polyglycolether with 80 mol EO

Composition/information on ingredients
Chemical characterization: fatty alcohol polyglycolether
CAS number : 68439-49-6

C16/C18-Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether, with 80 mol EO

n = about 80
Product properties *)

Concentration [%]: approx. 100
Appearance: powder
pH value , 1% a.i. in water: about 6 – 8
Solubility at 20°C (1% in water): clear
Iodine colour number: 1 max.
Density at 70 °C [g/cm³]: approx.1.05

Product Groups: Nonionic Surfactants

Sub Product Groups: Alcohol Ethoxylates

Function: Nonionic Surfactant

Form of Delivery: Powder

Chemical Description: C16C18-Fatty alcohol + 80 EO

Viscosity at 50°C [mPas]: 210 ± 20
Flash point [°C]: > 250
Droping point [°C]: 56.0 – 64.0
HLB value : about 19

As a non-ionic surface active substance Genapol T 800 powder can be combined with other non-ionic, anionic and cationic products.

Emulsifiers, dispersing agents and solubilizers, coating of enzymes, binder for granulations and industrial cleaning agents.

Genapol T 800 powder is wetting agent for powder coatings and concrete. 
Genapol T 800 P can also be used as emulsifier and dispersing agent for pigment pastes, paints and binders

Genapol T 800 powder can be stored for at least to 2 years in original sealed containers at room temperature under the recommended conditions.

Genapol T 800 powder undergoes no change whatever in it's product properties when exposed to cold during transport and storage.


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