HOSTAPUR OSB. Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate. Hostapur OSB is a strong blowing agent, as well as a wetting and plasticizing agent for ready-made mineral plasters (adhesive and machine plasters), masonry mortars and putties. The air pores created by Hostapur OSB are stable and significantly reduce shrinkage and associated cracking, especially for cement and cement-lime mortars. Another advantage of Hostapur OSB is high frost resistance and reduced efflorescence from the solution. Hostapur OSB is also suitable for the production of plaster and masonry mixtures, as well as as the main product in the production of strong blowing agents in the industry of additives to building materials (for example, products for the production of foam concrete, etc.). 
Hostapur OSB provides quick wetting and dispersion of building mixes (e.g. for machine application of plasters), reduced tack and therefore easy processing and improved pumping
 properties. Clotting, for example with fine building mixes, can be significantly reduced or eliminated with Hostapur OSB.

Composition: Alpha-olefin sulfonate, sodium salt
Product properties *)
Active content: About 90 %
Ionicity: Anionic
Appearance at 20°C: Fine, slightly yellowish powder
pH of a 1% aqueous solution: 10 - 11
Solubility at 20 °C: Hostapur OSB is soluble in water.
Bulk density: About 300 g/L
Sodium sulfate content: Max. 5.5 %
Sodium carbonate + bicarbonate content: Max. 5.2 %
Biodegradability: Hostapur OSB is readily biodegradable.
Handling and Storage: Hostapur OSB must be stored in a dry place in sealed containers to prevent moisture absorption and caking of the powder.
Hostapur OSB is used in the following applications:
Detergents: Hostapur OSB has a strong wetting and cleaning action and good foaming power. The foam quality is excellent, with high stability.
Hostapur OSB is used for the production of detergent and cleaning agent powders. Because of its low stickiness, Hostapur OSB is particularly suitable for use in foam cleaners for upholstery and carpets.
Textile and leather finishing: Hostapur OSB is also used in the textile and leather industries as a wetting agent, detergent and foaming agent. 

Building and constructions
Hostapur OSB is a strong air entraining and wetting agent for mortars and concrete. Furthermore Hostapur OSB acts as a plasticizer and frost-proofer.
Hostapur OSB builds pores with strong stability in the cement or cement – lime mortar. Hostapur OSB leads to a faster wetting and dispersing of the mixture.
Dosage: 0.005 – 0.05 wt.-% on the dry ingredients of the building mixture. 

Based on long-chain olefin sulphonate. Acts as a powerful air-entraining, wetting and plasticizing agent for the building industry. It is anionic in nature. Forms the air pores with 
excellent stability, reduces the shrinkage particularly of cement resp. cement-lime based mortar systems and prevents the formation of cracks. Other advantages are the higher frost
 resistance and reduced tendency to efflorescence of hardened mortar. Is a suitable additive for masonry cements and a powerful foaming agent for any mineral based building material 
(f. e. for manufacturing of foamed light weight concrete). Leads to better wetting and dispersion of the building materials mixtures (e. g. of machine applied plasters and renderings),
 reduces the tackiness (occasionally caused by high dosage of methylcellulose) as well as improves the workability and pumpability of wet mortars.

Hostapur® OSB is a white to slightly beige powder anionic surfactant for industrial applications. It is composed of C14/C16 alpha olefin sulphonate sodium salt with strong wetting, 
cleaning action, and good foaming power.

Hostapur OSB is a powerful air entraining, wetting and plasticizing agent for mineral based dry premixed plasters, renderings and trowelling compounds.
Hostapur® OSB
Thermal insulation render containing Hostapur OSB
Hostapur OSB forms air pores with excellent stability, reduces shrinkage particularly of cement/cement-lime based mortar systems and prevents formation of cracks. Other advantages are the higher frost resistance and reduced tendency of efflorescence in hardened mortar. Hostapur OSB leads to better wetting and dispersion of the building materials mixtures (e. g. of machine applied plasters and renderings), reduces tackiness and improves workability and pumpability of wet mortars.

The recommended concentration should be 0.005 – 0.05 % by weight, calculated on dry mortar.

Application of Hostapur OSB
Dairy & food cleaning
Hand dishwashing
Hard surface cleaning
Industrial cleaners
Laundry powder & tabs
Toilet & hygienic cleaning
Vehicle washing
Suspension concentrate
Water dispersible granules

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