CAS Number: 109-32-0
Molecular Formula: C19H38O2
Molecular Weight: 298.50
EINECS: 203-665-7

Isodecyl pelargonate (also known as 8-methylnono nonanoate) is used as a plasticiser for explosives and rocket propellants, as an additive to polypropylene to improve its low temperature performance and in industrial lubricants.
In our opinion, Isodecyl Pelargonate (IDP) is the best plasticizer for HTPB-based binders. 
Isodecyl pelargonates low density, low viscosity, low vapor pressure and cure retardant properties will give you a noticeable improvement over DOA, DBP or whatever else you've been using. 
10-35% of the total binder percentage is the usual concentration.

CAS No:    109-32-0
Product Code: FI167301
MDL No:    MFCD00048964
Chemical Formula: C19H38O2
Molecular Weight: 298.5 g/mol

Isodecyl pelargonate (IDP) as plasticizer is used in PBXN-111 formulation. 
Considering limitations to prepare IDP, in this research the effect of replacement of dioctyl adipate (DOA) and dioctyl sebacate (DOS) instead of IDP investigated on density, tensile strength, elongation and hardness of PBXN-111. 
The results indicated the measured parameters for all types of samples are based on requirements specified in MIL-E-82902. 
Isodecyl pelargonate has also shown that this replacement has no perceptible effect on density and hardness of PBXs. 
But Isodecyl pelargonate caused to the tensile strength and elongation enhanced obviously and reached respectively to 100.6 psi and 21.2% in PBX sample containing DOS.

Category : Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals
CAS NO : 109-32-0
EC NO : 203-665-7
Molecular Formula : C19H38O2
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : Nonanoic acid, 8-methylnonyl ester;8-Methylnonyl nonan-1-oate;8-methylnonyl nonanoate;

Isodecyl pelargonate and dioctyl adipate are the most preferred inert plasticizers in polyurethane based thermoset propellant and explosive formulations. 
In addition to them, diisononyl adipate and diisononyl phthalate were used and screened as inert plasticizer candidates for aluminized cast PBX formulations. 
Mechanical, thermal, and sensitivity properties of PBX formulations were studied and compared in detail.

Isodecyl pelargonate
A new and versatile rheometer, the rheometrics mechanical spectrometer, is described and one application to characterize the rheological properties of HTPB (hydroxy-terminated polybutadiene) gumstocks is demonstrated. 
Viscosity changes during cure are measured by cone and plate, and parallel plates by later stages of cure, when viscosity is approaching infinity, are monitored by the eccentric rotating disk mode. 
Dynamic moduli are calculated, and the time to full cure at 60 C is determined for formulations containing up to 50% added inert plasticizer (isodecyl pelargonate). 
This rheometer is being installed to examine the dynamic rheological properties of solid propellants, inhibitor and motor insulation materials, and adhesives and polymers in general.

Isodecyl pelargonate Catalogue Number: E524005
Isodecyl pelargonate Chemical Name: Emolein
Isodecyl pelargonate Synonyms: Isodecyl Pelargonate; Pelargonic Acid Isodecyl Ester; 8-Methylnonyl Nonanoic Acid Ester; 8-Methyl-1-nonanolnonanoate
Isodecyl pelargonate CAS Number: 109-32-0
Isodecyl pelargonate Molecular Formula: C₁₉H₃₈O₂
Isodecyl pelargonate Molecular Weight: 298.50
Isodecyl pelargonate Category: Building Blocks; Miscellaneous;
Isodecyl pelargonate Applications: Transport properties of Emolein were studied through a polyamide-based elastomeric adhesive are reported.

Name:Isodecyl pelargonate
Synonyms:8-Methylnonyl nonan-1-oate; Nonanoic acid 8-methylnonyl ester
Molecular Formula:C19H38O2
Molecular Weight:298.50

8-methylnonyl nonanoate
8-Methylnonyl nonan-1-oate
Nonanoic acid, 8-methylnonyl ester
Nonanoic acid 8-methylnonyl ester
EINECS 203-665-7
iso decyl pelargonate
isodecyl pelargonate
8-methyl nonyl nonan-1-oate
8-methyl nonyl nonanoate
8-methylnonyl nonan-1-oate
8-methylnonyl nonanoate
nonanoic acid, 8-methylnonyl ester

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