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Mackadet OPR-2 is the new generation of naturally-derived opacifier for cleansing products. 
Biodegradable, naturally-derived, Mackadet OPR-2 provides creamy white and caring appearance to formulations. 
Thanks to a high opacifying, Mackadet OPR-2 is easy to formulate without the need for rheological agent.

Mackadet OPR-2 is a vegetable-derived liquid dispersion that is used to opacify personal care or household products without the need for heat. 
This product is sulfate free, paraben free and formaldehyde free.

Aqua (and) Cocamidoethyl Betaine (and) Glycol Distearate (and) Sodium Benzoate. 
Mackadet OPR-2 is a superior, next-generation opacifying agent based on glycol ester. 
Mackadet OPR-2 is an opaque liquid that is easy to use/formulate with high efficiency for personal care applications and cold processable.

Mackadet OPR-2 offers creamy feel, whiteness and easy to use. 
This cold-processable and versatile solution ,Mackadet OPR-2, is used to opacify products without the requirement of heat. 
Mackadet OPR-2 provides caring and moisturizing attributes to personal care products. 

Mackadet OPR-2 is vegetable-derived, biodegradable as well as sulfate-, paraben- & formaldehyde-free grade. 
Mackadet OPR-2 is used in shampoo, rinses, body wash and facial cleansers. 
This innovative and highly efficient technology is used as a stark alternative to synthetic, acrylate-based ingredients.

==> Function of Mackadet OPR-2 : Opacifying / Pearlizing agent; Non-ionic Surfactant
==> Benefits of Mackadet OPR-2 : Creamy texture; Easy to use; Sensory experience enhancement
==> Applications of Mackadet OPR-2 : Body Wash; Facial Cleansers; Shampoos
==> Green Criterias of Mackadet OPR-2 : Synthetic Polymers Alternative; Less Platic Trend (solid formats); Biodegradable Trend; Highly Derived from Natural Origin (0.8 ( INCI : COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, GLYCOL DISTEARATE, SODIUM BENZOATE )

Mackadet OPR-2 is a bio-based opacifier that offers a fantastic alternative to synthetic acrylate-based ingredients. 
Mackadet OPR-2 is made from renewable ingredients, fully biodegradable and comes as a cold processable concentrate.

About Mackadet OPR-2:
Mackadet OPR-2 is a naturally derived opacifier with an RCI of 90%. 
Mackadet OPR-2 is easy to formulate with and suitable for sulfate-free formulations, providing a rich and creamy appearance.

INCI Name: Cocamidopropylbetaine, Glycol distearate, Sodium Benzoate
Appearance: White liquid
Compatible between pH 2 and 10
Versatile solution: can be added at any step in the formulation
Active content %: 42.0 –45.0

Mackadet OPR-2 is a superior, next-generation ingredient for use in opacifying power systems designed as an alternative to synthetic, acrylate-based ingredients. 
Mackadet OPR-2 is a biodegradable and naturally derived solution Index of naturality Ino (ISO 16128-2 standard) of 0,91% that gives a “creamy” white and caring appearance to cleansing product formulations. 

Mackadet OPR-2 delivers high-opacifying efficacy that is easy to formulate and suitable for sulfate-free formulations. 
This innovative, highly efficient, bio-based technology is a stark alternative to synthetic ingredients, such as styrene at different levels (biodegradability, natural index, opacifying, etc.), and meets the growing consumer demand for sustainable alternatives to styrene acrylates.

No need to add rheological agent if RV viscosity is above 3000cps
Mackadet OPR-2 is cold processable, offering a much better whitening performance than standard synthetic acrylates, and it vastly improves the colour of dyes – helping you reduce the amount of dye needed in your formulations.

Physical form of Mackadet OPR-2:

Aqua (and) Cocamidoethyl Betaine (and) Glycol Distearate

Chemical Function of Mackadet OPR-2: 
-Foam Boosting / Stabilizing, Solvent

Product Applications of Mackadet OPR-2: 
-Bath & Shower
-Body Care
-Hand Cleansing
-Skin Care
-Skin Cleansing

Mackadet OPR-2

Personal care

INCI name:
Cocamidoethyl BetaineSodium Benzoate (preservative)Water (Aqua)Glycol Distearate

INCI/Chemical Name:
NC18-18 (even numbered) acyl
N-coco acyl derivs.
hydroxides, inner salts
2-hydroxyethyl stearate
citric acid
ethylene distearate
sodium benzoate
sodium chloride, water

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