MERGAL K20 is a broad spectrum liquid preservative designed to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in aqueous based formulations.
MERGAL K20 is a broad spectrum in-can preservative used to avoid deterioration and degradation of aqueous systems caused by bacteria, fungi and yeast.
MERGAL K20 is used in water based products which in higer temperature storage.
MERGAL K20 is useful for the in-can protection of various water borne end-use products, such as paints, coatings, stuccos, adhesives, sea lants, inks, other industrial applications, Further it is suitable for metalworking-fluids.

MERGAL K20 is used in:
Paints, coatings, stuccos, adhesives, sealants, inks and metalworking fluids.

Features of MERGAL K20:
-Formaldehyde free
-CMIT/MIT free
-Alkaline stable
-Temperature stable

Suggested Application Level of MERGAL K20:
Suggested use levels are based on laboratory and field evaluations and are typicalfor the applications indicated. 
The actual level required for your system is formulation specific. 
The selection of the individual components of the formulation, the substrate to be coated,and the environment in which the coating will be exposed all have an influence on the amount of protection needed. 
Suggested use leveIs are reported as percentage of the end-use product.

Typical Properties of MERGAL K20:
Appearance: Slightly yellow to brown liquid
pH value: 12
Specific Gravity: 1.2

Mergal product innovations feature low or zero VOC content and multiple actives to match customer and environmental demands for better performance with lower concentrations of VOCs. 
Whatever the application, there is a Mergal product that can provide outstanding, long lasting performance. 

Mergal products comprise an extensive list of wetstate technologies. 
This broad range of products offers compatibility in most systems and a wide range of performance capabilities to preserve the final characteristics of the treated product. 

-Troyshield B2     
-Troyshield MBM 
-Troyshield B7 
-Bodoxin AH 
-Ebotec BT10     
-Ebotec BT80 
-Mergal K20     
-Troyshield B20     
-Mergal 786     
-Mergal 758 
-Mergal MC14     
-Mergal K9N     
-Mergal K14PLUS     
-Troyshield B60     

-Troyshield FX40     
-Troyshield PA10     
-Troyshield FSP40     
-Cinon OI     

Bactericides & Fungicides:    
-Mergal KM90     
-Mergal V698K4     
-Bakzid 10N     
-Bakzid 2     

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