Chemical name: Combination of Zinc Pyrithione and Terbutryn

Nipacide PZT is a dry-film biocide on zinc-pyrithione and IPBC.
Nipacide PZT is a mixture of pyrithione and s-triazine. 
Nipacide PZT acts as dry-film biocide based on zinc-pyrithione and s-triazine. 
Nipacide PZT is carbendazim & diuron-free. 
Nipacide PZT is used for water-borne decorative paints and pigment preparations.

Benefits of Nipacide PZT:
-Carbendazin & diuron free
-Solvent free

Product Function: Industrial biocide
Chemical Type: Biocide formulations
Applications: Dry-film preservation

Nipacide PZT is a dry-film biocide on zinc-pyrithione and IPBC. 
Nipacide PZT is water-borne and it can be used as decorative paints.

Function: Biocide, Anti-Microbial Agent, Fungicide
Chemical Family: Blends & Combinations
End Uses: Waterborne Coating
Labeling Claims: Other Labeling Claims, Solvent-free

Identification & Functionality of Nipacide PZT:
Chemical Family: Blends & Combinations
CASE Ingredients Functions: Antimicrobial Agent, Biocide, Fungicide
Technologies: CASE Ingredients
Product Families:
CASE Ingredients — Additives
Microbial Control & Preservation

Description of Nipacide PZT:
Nipacide PZT is an aqueous dispersion; low toxicity dry film fungicide, free from Carbendazim and Diuron. 
Nipacide PZT has been developed for the complete dry film protection of water based coatings. 
Nipacide PZT is effective against a wide range of fungal and algal species, responsible for the discoloration and degradation of surface coatings. 
Dry –film degradation in paints and decorative coatings can be avoided by using the correct dry-film fungicides at the most cost effective use level. 

Ideal dry-film properties achieved by Nipacide PZT include:
-High activity against a broad range of fungi and algae
-Excellent activity at relatively low use concentrations
-Diuron free
-Carbendazim free
-pH stable
-UV stable
-Low water solubility
-Approved under the Biocidal Products Directive
-Cost effective protection 

Applications of Nipacide PZT:
Nipacide PZT is recommended for protection of a wide range of coating applications including water based decorative paints, wood stains and colours. 
Nipacide PZT is effective against a wide range of spoilage organisms effective over a wide pH and temperature range.

Use level of Nipacide PZT:
Nipacide PZT should be evaluated in finished products at levels between 0.15% and 0.4%. 
The level of protection will depend on many factors including the end destination of coating, relative humidity, sun strength and others and can be determined by evaluation by our team of microbiologists. 
Please note that products containing Nipacide PZT at the following concentrations require environmental hazard classification; 
<0.025% No environmental classification 
>/=0.025% R52/53 No label 
>/=0.25% R51/53 N. dead tree & fish symbol 
>/=2.50% R50/53 N. dead tree & fish symbol 

Microbiological data; 
Even though Nipacide PZT is designed for dry-film applications it also exhibits activity against a wide range of bacteria and yeast. 
This can be demonstrated by the following MIC data.

MIC Levels of Nipacide PZT:
Organism MIC (ppm)
-Pseudomonas aeruginosa 500 
-Pseudomonas putida 500 
-Proteus vulgaris 100 
-Escherichia coli 50 
-Staphylococcus aureus 50 
-Aspergillus niger 25 
-Penicillium mineoluteum 25 
-Fusarium solani 25
-Geotrichum candidum 50 
-Candida albicans 25

Standard dry-film filter paper test after leaching:
Evaluation comparing competitor dry-film fungicides against Clariants Nipacide PZT in water based coating.
Coated filter paper is leached with water at a rate of20 litres/hour for 2hours. 

The filter paper is dried and placed on malt extract agar plate pre-seeded with a mixed culture of: 
-Ulocladium atrum 
-Phoma violacea 
-Aspergillus veriscolor 
-Aureobasidium pullulans 
-Stachybotrys chartarum 
-Cladosporium cladosporioides 
-Penicillium minioluteum 
The plates are incubated at 28oC for 4 weeks and assessed for fungal growth on the coating surface. 

Chemical compatibility of Nipacide PZT:
Nipacide PZT is compatible with most raw materials used in the manufacture of industrial and decorative coatings. 
Nipacide PZT compatibility should always be checked and evaluated before use. 

Technical Service of Nipacide PZT:
Technical service staff is available to assist customers in the determination of the optimum use level of biocide required to fully protect their product. 
A dedicated team of microbiologists are on hand at all time to assist customers with all technical enquiries relating to product protection. 
Full microbiological efficacy testing is available. 

-In can challenge. 
-Dry film 
-Chemical analysis 
-Disinfection testing 
-Microbiological audits 

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