CAS Number: 68647-72-3
EC Number: 232-433-8
Limonene Purity: >95.0%
Odor: Fresh Citrus
Food Grade: Yes

Orange Terpene can be applied as solvent for the Paints & Coatings and Lubricants industries
Orange Terpene is the most potent solvent in the Eco-House solvent system. 
For the painter, Orange Terpene can be used as an adequate substitute for turpentine.

Natural Orange Terpene Solvent is the most potent solvent in the Eco-House Solvent System. 
For the painter this product can be a full-fledged substitute for turpentine. 
Orange Terpene is a petroleum-free, highly distilled food-grade solvent, and like the rest of the Eco-House Inc Fine Art Oils and Mediums, Orange Terpene is of high archival quality and leaves no residue.

This petroleum-free solvent is formulated from food-grade ingredients, and of high archival quality. 
A natural, high-quality essential oil, Orange Terpene is highly distilled to remove allergy-causing components. 
However, like many natural essential oils, Orange Terpene produces strong fumes that may be irritating to persons who are hypersensitive. 
Orange Terpene should be used only in well-ventilated areas, when a strong solvent is technically unavoidable, for instance, to dissolve damar resin solids or soften hardened paints, waxes, and gums. 
Orange Terpene leaves behind no residue.

Recommended use of Orange Terpene:
Concentrated aromatic and flavor ingredient which may be used in flavor and fragrance compounds according to legal and IFRA or FEMA GRAS/FDA guidelines.

Recommended restrictions: For Manufacturing Use Only

Orange Terpene is an indica/sativa variety can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±65 days) and in the greenhouse. 
Orange Terpene is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Natural Orange Terpene Solvent should be used only in well ventilated areas, when a strong solvent is technically unavoidable, for instance to dissolve solid resins or to soften hardened paints, waxes or gums. 
This natural, high quality essential oil is highly distilled to remove allergy causing components in food-grade quality (but do not drink). 
Like many natural essential oils Orange Terpene can have a sensitizing effect on persons who are prone to hyper-sensitivities.

Orange Terpenes (d-limonene) is a 100% bio-based product produced by high vacuum fractional distillation of orange oils. 
By the nature of the manufacturing method, odor, purity, moisture, and color can be carefully controlled yielding a consistent product.
Orange Terpenes is considered food grade and finds use in variety of household, institutional and industrial cleaning compounds as well as flavor and fragrance additives.
Orange Terpenes has benefits over many other solvents due to its excellent solvency, high degree of biodegradability and derivation from renewable resources.

Natural Orange Terpene Solvent is a potent solvent that can be a full-fledged substitute for turpentine, since Orange Terpene dissolves damar resin solids, hardened paint, etc. 
Orange Terpene is free of aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. 
However, like many natural essential oils, Orange Terpene can have a sensitizing effect on sensitive artists if Orange Terpene is used too liberally. 
Therefore Orange Terpene should be used only in well-ventilated areas for those tasks where its use is unavoidable. 
Mixable with other Eco-House solvents in any desired ratio.

CAS Number: 68647-72-3
EC Number: 232-433-8
MDL number: MFCD00677562

CAS No.: 68647-72-3
terpenes, orange oil 
terpenes, orange oil
orange terpenes 

What are Orange Terpenes? 
Orange Terpenes are produced from the orange peel. 
The peel is believed to hold the highest concentration of the benefits known to Citrus. 
As plant-derived hydrocarbons, Orange Terpenes are extracted through a process of pressing and distillation. 
Orange Terpenes that have been produced through the first distillation run are considered 95% pure and are used in industrial and large-scale cleaning products. 
Terpenes that have been distilled twice are of a higher purity quality and are often utilised in more refined cleaning products.  

The Cleaning Properties of Orange Terpenes 
Due to their high solvency, Orange Terpenes offer a more natural clean, while performing as well as their chemically based counterparts
Orange Terpenes deliver an industrial clean, effectively removing grease, resin, oils, and paints (for this level of cleaning, straight Orange Terpenes are best suited) 
With the proper application process, high purity Orange Terpene solutions are suitable – these are commonly used for cleaning electronic assemblies and high voltage electrical parts
When mixed with a water solution, Orange Terpenes are highly effective in cleaning carpets and other such materials
The pleasant, natural orange fragrance adds a refreshing, energising, and rejuvenating scent to cleaning products 
These scents are known to boost the mood and clear the mind; thus, when used in working environments, they are believed to increase productivity

Orange Terpenes offer a wide variety of uses and applications as a primary or additional ingredient in many types of cleaning products. 

Our terpenes are made from 100% natural, pure, holistic, food-grade, and kosher with the perfect blend of high-quality ingredients; in addition, Orange Terpene is free from additives, carriers, fillers, and unnecessary extracts, the third party tested, food-grade, ultra-concentrated. 
Orange Terpene is a well-balanced hybrid strain with uplifting and motivating effects.

Sauce Terpene resemble the essence of the flower, for a full-bodied strain-specific terpene profile. 
Look no further, the dank pungent in-your-face terpene profile is here! 
Not your grandma's terpenes. 
Orange Terpene is made with natural organic-derived terpenes. 
Due to the pungent and delicious aroma of this line of terpene profiles, odor control is highly advised!

Medical terpenes is a strain-specific terpene profile. 
Orange Terpene is made with natural organic-derived terpenes. 
Each strain harnesses the power of various terpenes in respective ratios, delivering a consistent strain-specific profile. 
Fruity variants are also available, which are the traditional strain-specific terpene blend combined with other flavorings outside the strain-specific family.

We use the best ingredients and raw materials to ensure our terpenes are full-spectrum, strain-specific, and high quality; to give you that deep, full-bodied, unmatched essence you’re looking for.

Our terpenes use only the finest quality raw materials. 
Our best-selling collection range from dank fragrances, earthy aromas, and full spectrum floral bouquete to holistic, botanical, and luxurious experience.

Appearance: Clear, Colorless to Slightly Yellow Liquid
d-Limonene GC, %: 95.0 Minimum
Odor: Fresh Citrus
Refractive Index @ 20°C: 1.461 – 1.481
Specific Gravity @ 25°C: 0.830 – 0.855

Agent Orange terpene profile is 100% pure and organic. 
Orange Terpene is a well-balanced hybrid strain with uplifting and motivating effects. 
Orange Terpene has an aroma of fresh-cut citrus and functions as an excellent mood enhancer that helps boost your mood as this profile is known for energy and its uplifting effect. 
You can add terpenes to your preferred oils for the entourage effect. 
This terpene must be diluted prior to use for flavor and effect, 1-15% with all oil-based products, and for drinks, 1% of the total volume is recommended. 

-100% pure terpenes.
-Incredible flavors.
-Add to liquids.
-Enhances flavor, aroma, and benefits.
-Available in 5ml.
-Dimension: 1.2x1.2x2.3 inches.
-Weight: 1.2 oz.
-Wholesale available as well.
-Must be diluted before use with all oil-based products (1-15%).
-For drinks, 1% of the total volume is recommended.

Code number: 750700
Product name: ORANGE TERPENE 
Legal status: natural

CAS: 68647-72-3
FEMA: 2825
EINECS: 232-443-8
Rif. CoE: 143

Product description: natural product obtained by distillation of orange essential oil
Organoleptic note: citric, terpenic, orange note;
Chemical name: Citrus sinensis var.Pera L. (fam.Rutaceae)
Empirical formula: C10H16

Appearance: clear colourless to slightly pale yellow liquid
Typical purity:  D-limonene (CAS 5989-27-5):90% min.
Specific gravity: 0.835 - 0.846
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in oils and organic solvents;
Flash point: 50°C +/- 2 (closed cup)
Refractive index: 1.470 - 1.473
Optical rotation: from +105° to +110°

Stability: 12 months shelf life
Storage: to be kept in closed container, in a dark, fresh and dry place 

Our Terpene formulae are 100% terpenes - you won't find any additives such as PG or VG. 
Please be aware that this is a highly concentrated product and must be diluted properly to be used. 

biological source: oranges
Quality Level: 400

Agency/Method: follows IFRA guidelines

reg. compliance:
EU Regulation 1223/2009
EU Regulation 1334/2008 & 872/2012

refractive index: n20/D 1.472 (lit.)
bp: 176 °C (lit.)
density: 0.84 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Documentation: see Safety & Documentation for available documents
Featured Industry: Flavors and Fragrances
Organoleptic: orange
food allergen: no known allergens
fragrance allergen: no known allergens

Orange Terpenes Redistilled. 
CAS No. 68647-72-3. 
FEMA No. 4850. 
Kosher: Y. VIGON 
Item # 500762. 
Categories: Speciality 
Ingredients Suppliers, Flavors, Fragrances, Perfumers.

Terpenoids constitute the largest and most diverse class of natural products. 
They are important factors for aroma and flavor, and their synthesis is basically done from two compounds: isopentenyl diphosphate and dimethylallyl diphosphate. 
Isopentenyl diphosphate is synthesized through two different pathways, one that occurs in the cytoplasm and one in the plastid. 

With the sequencing of ESTs from citrus, we were able to perform in silico analyses on the pathways that lead to the synthesis of terpenes as well as on the terpene synthases present in sweet orange. 
Moreover, expression analysis using real-time qPCR was performed to verify the expression pattern of a terpene synthase in plants. 
The results show that all the pathways for isopentenyl diphosphate are present in citrus and a high expression of terpene synthases seems to have an important role in the constitution of the essential oils of citrus.

Antioxidant; antineoplastic; inudces cell differentiation. 
β-carotene (beta-carotine) is a strongly colored red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. 
Orange Terpene is an organic compound and chemically is classified as a hydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid (isoprenoid), reflecting Orange Terpenes derivation from isoprene units. 
β-Carotene is biosynthesized from geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate. 
Orange Terpene is a member of the carotenes, which are tetraterpenes, synthesized biochemically from eight isoprene units and thus having 40 carbons. 
Among this general class of carotenes, β-carotene is distinguished by having beta-rings at both ends of the molecule. 

Absorption of β-carotene is enhanced if eaten with fats, as carotenes are fat soluble. 
β-Carotene has been used to treat various disorders such as erythropoietic protoporphyria. 
Orange Terpene has also been used to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women before menopause, and the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 
Group: Biochemicals. 

Alternative Names: β-Carotene; Betacarotene; β, β-Carotene; Provatene; Lucarotin; KPMK; Food Orange 5; Provitamin A; NSC 62794; (all-E)-1,1'-(3,7,12,16-tetramethyl-1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17-octadecanonaene-1,18-diyl)bis[2,6,6-trimethylcyclohexene]; b,b-Carotene; all-trans-b-carotene; BetaVit; Betacarotene; Carotene Base 80S; Provatenol; Rovimix; Carotaben; Phenoro; Solatene. 
Grades: Highly Purified. 
CAS No. 7235-40-7. 
Molecular Formula: C40H56, Molecular Weight: 536.87. US Biological Life Sciences.

Our terpene free orange extract offers superior shelf stability in addition to delicious citrus taste and aroma. 
This water soluble flavoring is a perfect choice for either sweet or savory applications, and will remain fresh for up to 3 years when stored in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight. 
Our professional quality orange extract is made from terpene free premium orange oil, a process that has been found to help boost flavor and aroma as well as improving shelf life. 
The resulting water soluble citrus flavoring is a great choice for sauces, marinades, frosting, fillings, and beverages. 

Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain with uplifting and motivating effects. 
Agent Orange has an aroma of fresh-cut citrus and is an excellent mood enhancer.

Use and applications of Orange Terpene:
compatible with most surfaces.
Leaves a pleasant orange scent behind

NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Agent Orange is a strain specific, full spectrum, organically grown, botanically derived terpene profile. 
We use only the finest domestic sourced organic grown isolates to ensure quality and taste time and time again. 
Fabricated in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 certified facility by your team of a master chemist to provide you only the best profiles available on the market today.

USER EXPERIENCE: This profile is known for energy and is uplifting. 
This terpene profile offers you mood elevating experience. 
Orange Terpene is an excellent mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic. 
What’s more, Agent Orange produces an uplifting cerebral high effect, ideal for depression, anxiety, and migraines.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Agent Orange features an aroma of fresh-cut citrus. 
Orange Terpene smells like citrus, naturally, and Orange Terpene tastes like sweet and spicy oranges. 
A fruity, orange tropical breeze flows when you break into this one with hints of a distant pine forest.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Agent Orange terpene profile has been known to be an ideal strain for treating patients associated with minor aches and pains, depression, anxiety, and migraines, and other stress-oriented syndromes. 
People who are familiar with these symptoms get benefits from consuming this profile.*

Orange Terpene Features:
100% Natural and Organic
100% pure terpenes
Incredible flavors
Strain Specific
Full Spectrum
Botanically Derived
Enhances flavor, aroma, and benefits
Wholesale pricing available
Dilute before use with all oil-based products (1-15%)
For drinks, we recommend 1% of the total volume

Terpenes are plant-derived hydrocarbons. 
They have been used for years in a variety of applications including fragrances, food additives, even insecticides, but in the last few years (with the phase-out of CFCs and trichloroethane), more interest has been focused on terpene cleaners. 
The most common ingredient in terpene cleaners is D-limonene, a derivative of orange peels.
Alpha and beta pinene (Pine-Sol) are derived from wood turpentine and are also commonly used as cleaners. 
The majority of literature on terpene cleaners deals with D-limonene-based products and, in fact, the terms "terpene" and "D-limonene" are often used interchangeably.

Terpenes are extracted by pressing and distillation of the feed stock. 
The first run at distillation produces a 95% pure terpene, commonly used in 'gross' cleaning applications. 
Re-distillation and other purification techniques, results in a higher purity product, commonly used for fine cleaning applications.
Terpenes can be used in a water/terpene emulsion, in a terpene/hydrocarbon blend or 'straight'. 
Though there are considerable differences between terpene formulas, there are also some common characteristics to be discussed.

Terpenes have very high solvency and clean very well, often better than chlorinated solvents. 
Greases, oils, fluxes and adhesives are easily removed using terpenes and blends have been developed which remove resins, paints and carbon deposits. 
As with most cleaning chemicals, straight terpenes are stronger than the water/terpene blends.

Terpenes are non-reactive with metals and most types of plastics. 
Strong terpene solutions can swell or degrade some types of plastic and rubber, so experimentation is recommended.

Terpenes have really caught on for cleaning electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards. 
If properly rinsed, terpenes are compatible with painting and plating operations and are now commonly used in machine shops and engine rebuilding operations, especially in solvent sinks. 
High purity terpene solutions are popular for cleaning precision parts and high voltage electrical parts.

Because of terpenes' low volatility, a rinse and/or dry step may be necessary. 
Experts debate whether unrinsed terpenes leave residues. 
The answer is some do, some don't. High purity terpenes don't leave a residue but do take longer to dry than chlorinated solvents. 
Low purity terpenes also dry slowly, but the impurities will remain as a residue. 
At 80/20, a terpene/water mix may turn to a paste, so if you are making a 10% terpene/water mix, make sure to add the terpene to the water instead of the other way around. 
Also be aware that terpene cleaners or terpene rinse water may attack PVC plumbing in your cleaning equipment.

FLAVORS: Orange, Citrus, Sweet

DESCRIPTION: Alpha-Pinene, Camphene, Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, Terpinolene, Linalool, Borneol, Alpha-Humulene

Citrus aroma and flavor, chief traits of fruit quality, are derived from their high content in essential oils of most plant tissues, including leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits. 
Accumulated in secretory cavities, most components of these oils are volatile terpenes. 
They contribute to defense against herbivores and pathogens, and perhaps also protect tissues against abiotic stress. 
In spite of their importance, our understanding of the physiological, biochemical, and genetic regulation of citrus terpene volatiles is still limited. 

This versatile terpene free orange extract for baking is also a great choice for adding bright orange flavor to baked goods, desserts, and beverages. 
This premium flavoring is clear with a faint orange tint. 
Because Orange Terpene offers such a long shelf life, this water soluble citrus flavor is appropriate for RTD beverages as well as prepackaged sauces, marinades, and fillings. 
This non-GMO, Kosher-certified, gluten free orange extract is the ideal substitute for fresh zest, grated peel, or orange juice.

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