Orgal PR 667 has a low viscosity, styrene acrylic copolymer with very fine particles. 
Orgal PR 667 provides slightly tacky, elastic and clear films. 
Orgal PR 667 exhibits excellent penetration, durability and adhesion properties. 
Orgal PR 667 is suitable to produce aqueous high penetration primers and wood stains. 
Orgal PR 667 provides high resistance to alkaline media. 
Orgal PR 667 is compatible with gypsum and gypsum boards. 
Orgal PR 667's maximum shelf life is 12 months.

Orgal PR 667 is a styrene acrylic copolymer with very fine particles, developed as a primer for mineral substrates or formulations for impregnating wood stains. 
Such low particle size emulsions are also referred to as "Hydrosols".
Orgal PR 667 is supplied as a low viscosity polymer with a bluish to clear appearance. 
The polymer dries to give a slightly tacky, elastic and clear film. 
Due to the very small particle size, Orgal PR 667 has excellent penetration and adhesion properties.

Product Name: ORGAL PR 667
Chemical Composition: S/AC
Total Solids (%±1): 34
pH: 8.0-8.0
Viscosity (mPa.s max): 100
MFFT (°C): 0
Tg (°C): 1
Storage Stability:
Protect from freezing

ORGAL PR 667 is a styrene-acrylic copolymer emulsion with a very fine particle size. 
Designed both for primers, so Orgal PR 667 can be included in the composition of wood stains. 
ORGAL PR 667 - supplied in the form of a low viscosity emulsion with a bluish to white shade. 
Allows to obtain a slightly sticky elastic and transparent film. 
Due to Orgal PR 667s very small particle size, the emulsion has excellent penetration and adhesion properties.
Appearance Milky-white liquid Dry residue% ± 1 34 Brookfield viscosity RVT 1/20 max. 100 cps.

ORGAL PR 667, due to its very small particle size, performs especially well in highly penetrating water soils, putties, cements and asbestos cements. 
The penetrating ability of Orgal PR 667 increases with a decrease in the amount of dry residue and with the addition of small amounts of surfactants. 
Dilution proportions are determined empirically. 
The resulting coatings have good resistance to alkaline environments and are compatible with gypsum and gypsum products.
-Excellent penetration properties
-Excellent adhesion
-Excellent abrasion resistance

To ensure safe storage of this emulsion, containers must be very well sealed / sealed to prevent water evaporation and shell formation. 
The emulsion must be stored at a temperature between 5-25 ° C for a maximum of 12 months and must not be allowed to freeze.

Production method of Orgal PR 667:
The redispersible powder is obtained by spray drying a latex emulsion. 
To prevent the latex particles from sticking together during production and when diluted with water, polyvinyl alcohol is used. RPP (dry latexes) are usually produced on the basis of: polyvinyl acetate, copolymers of vinyl acetate with ethylene, copolymers of vinyl acetate with vinyl versatate, as well as acrylic polymers.

Properties of Orgal PR 667:
After mixing the dry mixture with water, the powder goes into dispersion and after drying forms a film. 
The film increases adhesion and elasticity, however, the more adhesion, the less elasticity and vice versa. 
Accordingly, powders are divided into rigid ones with high adhesion, highly elastic with low adhesion, and medium elastic with normal adhesion. 
In some powders, water repellents are added, imparting hydrophobic properties to the system.

Application area of Orgal PR 667:
Redispersible polymer powders are used in the manufacture of products such as:
-Tile adhesives; 
-Repair compositions; 
-Self-leveling floors, etc.

Orgal PR 667, having extremely small particle size, is especially suitable for the production of aqueous high penetration primers on substrates as plaster, concrete and asbestos cement. 
The penetration power increases with decreasing solid contents. 
However the reinforcing effect increases with the dry binder amount. 
An optimum dilution should be decided by pretests. 
Small quantities of surfactants would help the penetration power. 

To ensure safe storage of this emulsion, containers should be well sealed to prevent the water evaporation and skin forming. 
The emulsion must be stored between 5-25°C for a maximum of 12 months and freezing must be avoided.

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