ORGAL ROOFLEX S6: Styrene Acrylic Polymer.
Orgal ROOFLEX S6 is an APEO free, silanated, soft, styrene acrylic polymer emulsion that forms clear, flexible, slightly tacky, water and alkali resistant films, developed for the formulation of moisture barrier coatings, roof coatings and other construction chemicals with excellent water resistance and adhesion under wet conditions.

Appearance: White opal emulsion
Solid Content % ± 1:50
Viscosity (Brookfield RVT 5/20):5000 – 9000 cps
pH:7.5 - 9.0
Density (25°C, g/cm3) ± 0.01: 1.03
MFFT (°C): 0
Tg (°C):-6
Storage Stability: Protect from freezing

Orgal ROOFLEX S6 does not contain any plasticisers or coalescents; being internally plasticized, when formulating a tile adhesive the use of coalescents like Texanol or Dowanol DPnB is not recommended.

To ensure safe storage of this emulsion, containers should be well sealed to prevent the water evaporation and skin forming. The emulsion must be stored between 5-25°C for a maximum of 12 months and freezing must be avoided.

Today, ATAMAN CHEMICALS supplies the market with polymer emulsions, redispersible powder polymers and specialty additives. 

Polymer Emulsions 
Offering a wide array of styrene, vinyl acetate and acrylic chemical compositions, ATAMAN CHEMICALS offers innovative solutions with various polymerization technologies for the cementitious and dispersion based construction chemicals markets. 

Redispersible Powder Polymers 
ATAMAN CHEMICALS provides solutions in carbon rich monomer combinations of vinyl versatate and acrylics that highlight properties such as water resistance, saponification resistance and flexibility. 

Specialty Additives 
Acrylic associative and non-associative rheology modifiers specifically are designed for fullfilling different application rheology requirements of different markets. 
Dispersion agents, both ammonia or sodium based salts, are able to work with different dispersing systems and chemistries. 
Rheology modifiers and dispersion agents are used in both dispersion based and liquid components of 2K Cementitious Systems. 

Technical Solution Partnership Approach of ATAMAN has dedicated synthesis and application laboratories within Research & Development Center  
With state of the art equipment, ATAMAN is able to perform all application and analysis tests in accordance with the regional and international standards
Customer intimacy and solving customer needs is of utmost importance to ATAMAN; therefore, joint projects and testing for customers at the laboratories are executed with much diligence

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