ORP Thermobond 74

ORP Thermobond 74 is a redispersible powder obtained by drying an emulsion of a vinyl acetate / acrylic copolymer with PVA as a protective colloid. 
The special chemical composition of the polymer facilitates the bonding of the redispersed polymer at low temperatures and ensures good adhesion to cementitious substrates.
ORP Thermobond 74 is used to modify mixtures containing hydraulic binders. 
Thanks to its special chemical / physical composition, ORP Thermobond 74 improves the adhesion, elasticity and water resistance of mortars containing hydraulic binders such as cement, gypsum or lime. 
Especially due to its flexible nature, ORP Thermobond 74 withstands lateral deformation tests very well.

Appearance - White powder
Chemical composition - Vinyl acetate / acrylic terpolymer
Stabilizing system - PVA
Residual moisture (%) - Max. 1.5
Density (g / l) - 400 - 600
Ash residue (%) - 14 ± 2
Alkaline resistance - High
After dispersion with water - 1: 1
Minimum film formation temperature  (° C ) - 0

ORP Thermobond 74 can be used in composition of mortars requiring good flexibility / elasticity, deformation resistance and thixotropic behavior.
Plasters for external thermal insulation systems:
Due to its excellent elasticity and water resistance, ORP Thermobond 74 can be used for the production of cement plaster used for boards of extruded polystyrene foam and expanded polystyrene in the external thermal insulation system. 
Recommended dosage: 3.0-5.0%.
Adhesives for panels made of extruded polystyrene foam and expanded polystyrene in the external thermal insulation system: Recommended dosages: 1.0-2.0%.
Tile adhesives (C1 and C2): Recommended dosage: 3.0-7.0%


Storage and shelf life:
Packaging: 25 kg paper bags. 18 bags per pallet. Big bags of 500 kg.
The bags should be stored in a dry and cool warehouse at a temperature of 10 - 25 ° C. It is not advisable to stack the pallets one on top of the other to avoid caking due to the thermoplasticity of the polymer. The packaging should be closed after use to protect it from moisture and caking.
The minimum shelf life is 12 months.

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