CAS Number: 58229-81-5
EC Number: 633-454-9

Readily biodegradable low foaming surfactant with excellent wetting ability, improved Freeze/Thaw stability

Advantages of TRITON DF-16:
Low Foam wetting agent
Excellent hard surface detergency
Acid stability
Readily biodegradabl

Benefits of TRITON DF-16:
Excellent detergency and wetting properties
Caustic and acid stability
Superior food and protein soil defoaming ability

General Use of TRITON DF-16:
Performance claims, Sustainability claims, Function, Applications, Usage level

Technical Use of TRITON DF-16:
Chemical group, Chemical properties, Physical properties, Appearance, Colors, Origin, Origin Species

Uses of TRITON DF-16:
Rinse aids
Commercial machine dishwashing
Food and dairy process cleaners
Metal cleaning applications
Pulp and paper
Textile processing
Pigment dispersions

Safety and Certifications of TRITON DF-16:
GHS classification, Hazard statements, Certifications, Renewable Carbon Index (RCI)

Specifications of TRITON DF-16:
CAS Number: 25322-68-3, 68603-25-8
Grade: Technical
Appearance: liquid
Boiling Point: > 200 °C (> 392 °F)
Color: yellow
Evaporation Rate: Calculated < 0.01
Flash Point: 157 °C (315 °F) Method: ASTM D 93
Kinematic Viscosity: Calculated 35.3 mm2/s
Odor: pungent
pH: 6 (as aqueous solution)
Recommended Use: Industrial chemical
Relative Density: 0.992 @ 20 °C (68 °F) Reference Material: (water = 1)
Relative Vapor Density: Calculated 9
Solubility in Water: completely soluble
Vapor Pressure: Calculated < 0.01 mmHg @ 20 °C (68 °F)

Ingredient Identification of TRITON DF-16:
Name: TRITON DF-16 Surfactant
Segment: Home care

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