UNICELL WF 200 is a natural, insoluble wheat fiber in smooth white delicate powder form that is odorless and tasteless. 
UNICELL WF 200 is ideal for frozen foods such as dough, ready-made dishes, meat and processed meat products, and desserts because of its good freeze-thaw stability, increased water/oil binding, and calorie reduction. 
UNICELL WF 200 is gluten-free. 
UNICELL WF 200 has a max of 45% through a 32μm screen or sieve.
Wheat fiber UNICELL WF 200 - carbohydrates that are not absorbed in the human gastrointestinal tract, but due to their fibrous structure have the function of cleansing substances.

Unicell Wheat Fiber WF is natural insoluble wheat fibers derived from the wheat plant. 
These are available in five standard fiber lengths: 30, 75 90, 200 and 500 microns. 
UNICELL WF 200 appear as white-colored fibrous powders and are without flavor and odour. 
Unicell Wheat Fiber WF provides excellent water and oil binding and are exceptional texturizers that can stabilize fine emulsified systems in food processing.

UNICELL WF 200 description
Wheat Fiber UNICELL WF 200 is concentrated, natural wheat fiber of white to off-white color and neutral taste and flavor.

UNICELL WF 200 Sensory Properties:
UNICELL WF 200 is a white to off-white powder
Loose consistency
UNICELL WF 200 is odorless and tasteless

UNICELL WF 200 is available in five standard lengths, 30, 75 90, 200 and 500 microns and they appear as flavorless and tasteless fibrous white powder. 

UNICELL WF 200 Application:
UNICELL WF fibers provide excellent water and oil retention.
UNICELL WF 200 is exceptional texturizers and they stabilize fine emulsified systems in food processing.

Dietary fiber - UNICELL WF200 wheat fiber. 
Scope: used in the meat processing industry in the production of meat products: all types of sausages, hams, canned food, minced meat semi-finished products, dough products with fillings. 
Fiber is a carbohydrate that, when UNICELL WF 200 enters the human body, is not broken down in the gastrointestinal tract to simple glucose, but in undigested form passes into the intestine. 
A unique feature of fiber is UNICELL WF 200s peculiar structure, UNICELL WF 200 has a lot of villi and fibers, thanks to which, pushing through the small and large intestines of the body, UNICELL WF 200, like a brush, cleans these places from harmful toxins, toxic substances, and just rotting food.

Physic – chemical analysis:
Insoluble dietary fiber
Fibre content min 96% in dry mass
Water retention capacity up to 1200%
Oil retention capacity up to 1000%

Available grades:  WF 30, WF 75 WF 90, WF 100, WF 200, WF 500.

Wheat fiber is a dietary supplement obtained from wheat bran. 
UNICELL WF 200 becomes not only very healthy, but also satiating. 
Wheat fiber is a useful product without the addition of chemicals. 
UNICELL WF 200 is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. 
Due to UNICELL WF 200s valuable properties, UNICELL WF 200 is often used as a means of losing extra pounds.
Among the vitamins contained in wheat fiber, the most important are those of the B complex (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12), beta-carotene and vitamins D, E and PP.
Wheat fiber also provides more than half of the daily value of selenium and manganese.

1.Name: Wheat Fiber
2.Food Grade
3.Usage: jelly, soft candy, milk
4.High quality
5.Fast delievery

UNICELL WF 200 Wheat Fiber
Wheat Fiber are natural, insoluble wheat fibers derived from wheat, after separating the straw from the grain.
They are available in three standard lengths, 90, 200 and 500 microns and resemble a flavorless and odorless, fibrous white powder. 
UNICELL WF fibers provide excellent water and oil retention.
They are exceptional texturizers and stabilize fine mulsified systems in food processing.

Wheat fibers TM UNICELL WF. 
Natural plant fibers produced from the vegetative part of grain crops. 
UNICELL WF 200 has a high moisture and fat-binding capacity, is inert to any prescription ingredients, is thermostable and cold-resistant, and reduces the calorie content of foods. 
UNICELL WF 200 is used in the production of raw smoked sausages, minced meat, canned meat, pates, extrusion products (sticks, rings, pillows), confectionery, drinks, as well as dairy products (yoghurts, cottage cheese desserts, glazed curds, processed, fresh and imitation cheeses) ... 
UNICELL WF are natural products obtained from wheat after the separation of straw from grain. 
UNICELL WF 200 is available in three standard lengths, 90, 200 and 500 microns and are a tasteless and odorless, fibrous powder.

Wheat fibers can be used in almost any food industry without affecting the sensory qualities of the product. 
Improved stability during freezing and thawing. 
Binds water and fat well. Reduces the calorie content of the product.
Wheat fiber is a white concentrate made from fine ballast fibers, which is obtained from wheat using special production technologies. 
Being an insoluble product with a total ballast content of up to 97%, wheat fibers ideally combine nutritional and physiological benefits (enrichment with ballast fibers, reduced fat content, reduced calorie content, etc.) with technological advantages (improved texture, control of moisture transfer, reduction of losses in weight).

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UNICELL WF 200 is a natural high-cellulose fiber obtained from wheat, does not contain gluten and can be widely used in the food industry.
UNICELL WF 200 Sensory properties
• White to off-white powder
• Loose consistency
• Odorless and tasteless

UNICELL WF 200 Other properties
• Easily applicable
• High microbiological safety
• Shelf life 60 months

UNICELL WF 200 Physic – chemical analysis:
• Insoluble dietary fiber
• Fiber content min 96% in dry mass
• High water and oil holding capacity

UNICELL WF 200 Declaration:
• GMO – free
• Gluten-free
• Non-irradiated
• Kosher certified
• Halal certified

UNICELL WF 200 Additional benefits:
• Easy dosing
• Excellent water and oil retention
• Reduction of production costs

UNICELL WF 200 Technological Benefits:
• Improvement of texture
• Improvement of stability
• Reduction of ice crystal formation during freezing
• Shelf life extension in some applications
• Binding properties, including leakage reduction during storage
• Improved freeze-thaw stability
• Better firmness
• Longer shelf life in some dried products

UNICELL WF 200 Economic Benefits:
• Yield improvement
• Reducing fat absorption during frying
• Acting as a good filler and bulking agent
• Reduction of losses during production
• Reduction of manufacturing costs
• Partial replacement of functional ingredients

UNICELL WF 200 Consumer-Related Benefits:
• Improvement of mouthfeel, bite and texture
• Improvement of nutritional profile
• Better texture

Production Cost Considerations:
How fiber can reduce production costs of meat products
Fiber addition to meat product raises efficiency of the production process. 
Advantages of fiber applicaction, such as water binding, noticeably improves yield of the process. 
Another benefit of introducing fiber into meat production process is a possibility of partly replacement meat with fiber.

UNICELL WF 200 Description:
Dietary fiber - UNICELL WF200 wheat fiber.

UNICELL WF 200 Application area:
UNICELL WF 200 is used in the meat processing industry in the production of meat products: all types of sausages, hams, canned food, minced meat semi-finished products, dough products with fillings.

UNICELL WF 200 is derived from wheat stalks with high purity cellulose content, completely natural origin and modern production lines. 
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GRADE (µm): 30

GRADE (µm): 75

GRADE (µm): 90

GRADE (µm): 200

GRADE (µm): 500

UNICELL WF 200 is a natural multifunctional product. 
When declaring them, the "E" - index is not indicated. 
UNICELL WF 200 is widely used in the dairy industry for the production of curd products. 

UNICELL WF 200 is characterized by the following properties:
have a neutral taste and smell;
are inert to any prescription ingredients of the UNICELL WF 200;
have a high moisture-absorbing and fat-binding ability due to the unique natural capillary structure of the fibers;
thermostable and cold-resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures);
retain and evenly distribute moisture and fat in the product.

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