Amidet N = Polyoxyethylene Rapeseedamide

CAS number: 827613-35-4

Amidet N is a non-ionic surfactant, part of the group of ethoxylated alkanolamides, under the INCI name PEG-4 Rapeseedamide.
Amidet N has emulsifying properties and fulfils the role of a co-emulsifier supporting the emulsifier responsible for the creation of emulsions in O/W (oil in water) systems with waxes and mineral oils.
At the same time, Amidet N is a stabilizer and enhances the quality of foam in mixtures with anionic surfactants.
Amidet N is also used as a delicate detergent for skin and hair.
Thanks to this, products containing Amidet N exhibit reduced irritant potential.

Amidet N is an ingredient of detergents and body care products, such as shampoos, shower gels, hand soaps, shaving gels etc.
Amidet N is also a good thickener.
Amidet N acts as a foam enhancer and stabiliser, strong solubilizing and emulsifying agent and it exhibits effectiveness in products containing SLES as well as in non-SLES products.
Amidet N is produced on the basis of renewable rapeseed oil and exhibits good biodegradability. 
The liquid form of Amidet N facilitates its handling (storage, transport, dosing), and enables the formulation of recipes without the need for heating, which is of particular significance for formulation ingredients which are sensitive to elevated temperatures. 

Amidet N advantages:
-Foam enhancer and stabiliser
-Good emulsifier and/or co-emulsifier in O/W systems
-Thickening agent
-Gentle detergent
-Not a palm oil derivative
-Product in the form of a low viscosity liquid is easy to handle and can be formulated at room Temperatures

Applications of Amidet N:
-Shower gels
-Bath liquids and oils
-Hand soaps
-Shampoos for children
-Shaving gels
-Ingredient of detergents (such as dishwashing liquids)

Nitroso amine free thickener and foam booster with emulsifying properties. 
Other properties of Amidet N : re-fatting skin effect, anticorrosion and wetting power.

Viscosity ( Dynamic ): 200 to 500 cP 
Auto-ignition temperature: 378°C
Solubility in water: 0,0065 g/l
Density: 0,997 g/cm³ [20°C]
Vapor pressure: 0,00025 kPa
Flash point: Open cup: >262°C 
Melting point: 7°C
pH: 9 to 11
Odor: Characteristic
Color: Yellowish-brown
Physical state: Liquid

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