CAS number: 143-28-2

Kollicream OA is a clear, slightly yellowish, almost odorless weak polar oil. 
Kollicream OA is suited for application in pharmaceutical skin care preparations, such as low-fatting emulsions and skin oils.

Kollicream OA (Oleyl alcohol) is a cGMP Pharmaceutical Grade Excipient that is a medium spreading emollient with penetration enhancement properties. 
Kollicream OA can be used as a solvent for lipophilic APIs. 
Kollicream OA is ideal for topical semi-solids and transdermal patches.

Benefits of Kollicream OA:
-Medium spreadability
-Solvent for lipophilic drugs
-Enhances skin penetration

Applications of Kollicream OA:
-Liquid dosage
-Topical & Dermal
-Creams & Emulsions

Kollicream OA is a clear, almost odorless polar oil produced by the hydrogenation of fatty acids and oils from palm and palm kernel oil. 
Primarily, Kollicream OA can be used as an emollient oil, able to penetrate the skin and disorder stratum coreum lipid organizations; thereby enhancing dermal drug delivery. 
Kollicream OA can also be used as a drug solubilizer and penetration enhancer in topical products (emulsions & creams, ointments, gels and foams) and transdermal patches.

Kollicream types can be used as emollient in creams and lotions. 
This high performance emollient offers incredible flexibility and efficiency for topical drug delivery systems, allowing you to adapt variables such as spreading value, molecular weight, or water permeability in line with your needs. 
With their moisture retention effect, fattening and re-fattening power, these topical excipients are able to care and protect the skin. 
Within the formulation they also have an impact on the consistency and appearance of the cream or lotion.

Why use Kollicream OA?
-Medium spreading emollient with penetration enhancement properties
-Can act as a solvent for lipophilic APIs
-Ideal for topical semi-solids and transdermal patches
-Additional Information

Quality: IPEC-PQG GMP, Ph.Eur., USP/NF
Dosage Form: Creams, emulsion, foam, gels, Lotions, Ointments
Function: Emollient, Skin Penetration Enhancer, Solubilizer, Solvent
Synonym: HD Eutanol® V PH
Cas-No: 68002-94-8
Einecs: 268-106-1
Technical Name: Alcohols, C16-18 and C18-unsatd.

Features of Kollicream OA:
-Emollient for the skin
-Solvent for lipophilic drugs
-Penetration enhancer

Kollicream OA - Description
Kollicream emollients and penetration enhancers deliver exceptional performance for a wide variety of applications. 
Primarily known for their skin softening and smoothing properties, these emollients can also be used to greatly improve the penetration of APIs into the skin and adjust the consistency and appearance of creams and lotions. 
The Kollicream portfolio includes excipients that feel like cosmetics on the skin, are mild resulting in formulations with minimal irritation, and can help achieve easy-to-apply products for large application areas.

Kollicream OA (oleyl alcohol) is an emollient with medium spreadability for use in all topical dosage forms. 
Kollicream OA is supplied as a weak polar liquid, this emollient can also act as a solvent for lipophilic drugs and improve skin penetration.

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